Guides to Counseling Careers & Other Resources

Within the counseling profession, there is a need for comprehensive and authoritative resources. These guides help current and prospective counselors find scholarships, loan forgiveness programs, and other types of support in these growing careers.

PTSD Awareness Month Expert Interview & Advocacy Guide

Calendar Icon 05/23/22 Matt Zbrog

Around 12 million Americans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Once referred to as shell shock and combat fatigue, PTSD is often associated with military veterans, but it also affects survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence, car accidents, and other forms of trauma.

The Dawn of Social Robots

Calendar Icon 05/11/22 Laura Freberg, PhD

Social robots designed to interact with humans naturally are no longer just a favorite feature of science fiction but are likely to be part of our everyday reality quite soon. How are we likely to react to the social robots we meet?

Questioning the Assumption of Normality: Cisnormative, Transnormative & More

Calendar Icon 05/03/22 Alex Stitt, LMHC

Libraries worldwide contain dusty manuscripts detailing the finer points of cultural etiquette. While most of these antiquated manuals have been retired to the shelf, contemporary society still maintains unwritten codes of conduct with the pressure of social performance.

Writing For Therapy: What to Know About Therapeutic Journaling

Calendar Icon 04/28/22 Lisa Hutchison, LMHC

Journaling is one self-care method counselors can recommend to their clients. Clients can use this tool on their own and incorporate these entries into a therapy session. Counselors refer to journaling in therapy as writing therapy, journal therapy or expressive art therapy.

Mental Health Month Expert Interview & Advocacy Guide

Calendar Icon 04/20/22 Matt Zbrog

It is a well-established fact that the pandemic has devastated America’s mental health. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, one in five adults in the US had experienced mental illness last year. Since then, the rate has increased to an estimated one in three. Racial and socioeconomic inequality in policy and practice exacerbate the issue further: today, only one in three Black adults with mental health issues receives care.

Having Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in the Age of Covid

Calendar Icon 04/12/22 Laura Freberg, PhD

Self-compassion is never a bad idea, but it can be particularly helpful when we’re in a situation that brings out strong, negative emotions. Instead of berating yourself for feeling negative emotions and anxiety, treat yourself with respect and self-kindness.

Guide to Counselor Education Loan Forgiveness Programs

Calendar Icon 04/06/22 Vanessa Salvia

Over the years, the rules have changed, so it makes sense to know what you can and can’t expect when it comes to counselor education loan forgiveness programs. The College Cost Reduction and Access Act (CCRAA) made certain counselors eligible for loan forgiveness.

National Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month – An Advocacy Guide

Calendar Icon 03/25/22 Vanessa Salvia

Every April is World Autism Month. For family and friends of people with autism, each day brings a new awareness of autism. But many people who are not close to someone with autism still have questions about just what autism is and how they can help.

Why Counselors Lose Their Empathy

Calendar Icon 03/16/22 Lisa Hutchison, LMHC

Too much caring without proper boundaries can cause emotional stress and strain on the counselor. Even with sufficient self-care measures, chronic day-to-day occupational stress can wear down even the most experienced professional.

Guide to Professional Counseling Conferences (2022)

Calendar Icon 02/15/22 Becca Brewer

Despite the impact of Covid-19, many organizations are still working to provide all the boons of the conference experience to those within the professional counseling community.