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Joining a counseling profession is about more than understanding licensing requirements and reading step-by-step guides. This is a profession committed to continued education, listening, and learning. To be a successful counselor or therapist, you have to be engaged with and aware of the larger conversations in the community.

Whether you are just starting your counseling career or already working in the field, CS features cover topics relevant to you. It holds scholarship and resource guides, expert interviews, tips for avoiding burnout and compassion fatigue, discussions of the latest academic research, and detailed analyses of the most pressing advocacy issues within counseling professions. Overall, we bring you into the conversation around the biggest issues in counseling and professions today.

National School Counseling Week Resource Guide (2021)

Calendar Icon January 19, 2021 Matt Zbrog

“School counseling is 100-plus years old,” says Eric Sparks, EdD, Deputy Executive Director for ASCA. “Starting as vocation guidance in the early 1900s, school counseling has shifted from a job position to a service and finally to an organized K-12 schoolwide program that improves outcomes for all students.”

National Mentoring Month Advocacy Guide (2021)

Calendar Icon January 12, 2021 Cevia Yellin

When you think of the best moments of your childhood, outside of your home, who comes to mind? A favorite teacher, coach, neighbor, friend? Whether formal or informal, positive relationships with mentors provide benefits for both youth and adults.

Guide to Professional Counseling Conferences (2021)

Calendar Icon January 8, 2021 Becca Brewer

Despite the impact of a Covid-19, many organizations are still working to provide all the boons of the conference experience to those within the professional counseling community. Many conferences happening early in 2021 are offered as a virtual experience, while those scheduled for later in the year are doing so based on the hope of being able to gather in-person in large numbers.

An Expert’s Guide to Fighting Coronavirus Fatigue and Seasonal Depression

Calendar Icon December 23, 2020 Nina Chamlou

As we approach the one year mark of living in a global pandemic, communities around the world are suffering from what experts are calling “pandemic fatigue”—the feeling of exhaustion of life in the new normal. The endurance and sense of unity that many of us felt months ago at the beginning of the crisis is beginning to dissipate, and in its place is a feeling of restlessness and impatience.

Covid-19 and Mental Health: How Will the Pandemic Impact Children in the Long Term?

Calendar Icon December 16, 2020 Vanessa Salvia

When the coronavirus became a household word earlier this year, the world quickly shifted. We all had to perform many daily tasks differently—from how we grocery shopped to how we cleaned our homes, from how we worked to how we cared for our children. Developmental psychologists quickly recognized how much this impacted the daily lives of parents, and by extension, that of their children.

An Expert on the Long-Term Effects of Covid-19 Social Isolation

Calendar Icon December 10, 2020 Matt Zbrog

Lockdown measures and social distancing have a critical role to play in curbing the Covid-19 pandemic, but they come with the side effects of social isolation and loneliness, which have been proven to have harmful effects on the public.

Working With Mental Health Disabilities: A Guide to Laws, Rights & Advocacy

Calendar Icon December 2, 2020 Cevia Yellin

In this piece, we move into the rights of individuals with mental health conditions at work, common challenges, and advocacy efforts. Aaron Konopasky, senior attorney-advisor for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) offered his expertise as an attorney specializing in disability law, rights, and policy.

Mental Health Disabilities & Employment: An Interview with the U.S. Department of Labor

Calendar Icon November 24, 2020 Cevia Yellin

Started in 2001, the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) is a non-regulatory federal agency housed in the U.S. Department of Labor. ODEP’s primary objective is to eliminate barriers to the employment and training of individuals with disabilities.

Treating Narcissists: The Psychology of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NBD)

Calendar Icon November 17, 2020 Nina Chamlou

Variations of the word narcissism, which comes from a Greek myth about a handsome youth named Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection, have been around for millennia. But in the early 20th century, Sigmund Freud published a paper on narcissism, generating interest from the psychology community. It has since been seen as a legitimate psychological condition.

Can You Change Someone’s Mind? An Expert on How to Bridge the Political Divide

Calendar Icon November 2, 2020 Rachel Drummond

The pandemic of 2020 has caused worldwide suffering, but could it be what bridges the bipartisan gap in America? Read on to learn what a leadership psychology professor has to say on political persuasion.