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Joining a counseling profession is about more than understanding licensing requirements and reading step-by-step guides. This is a profession committed to continued education, listening, and learning. To be a successful counselor or therapist, you have to be engaged with and aware of the larger conversations in the community.

Whether you are just starting your counseling career or already working in the field, CS features cover topics relevant to you. It holds scholarship and resource guides, expert interviews, tips for avoiding burnout and compassion fatigue, discussions of the latest academic research, and detailed analyses of the most pressing advocacy issues within counseling professions. Overall, we bring you into the conversation around the biggest issues in counseling and professions today.

How School Counselors Can Address the Youth Mental Health Crisis

Calendar Icon 01/22/24 Matt Zbrog

America is experiencing a mental health crisis, and mental health struggles amongst the nation’s youth are intensifying. Student mental health is in a precarious place, with children and teens exposed to more information, more social contact, and more discord than ever before. The student mental health crisis is pervasive.

5 Statistics That Explain the Current Teen Mental Health Crisis

Calendar Icon 01/19/24 Dom DiFurio

Over the past few years, teens have experienced an alarming increase in mental illness in the U.S. The 2010s, in particular, marked a decade of declining mental health capped off by the disruptive impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. By 2022, national survey data from the Department of Health and Human Services indicates that around one in every five adolescents suffered from a major depressive episode in the previous year, continuing an upward trend in depression that began around 2013.

2024 School Counselor of the Year Winner & Finalists

Calendar Icon 01/10/24 Matt Zbrog

Each year, the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) selects five school counselors who exemplify why we need the profession now more than ever, and from those five, one winner is selected. The School Counselor of the Year Selection Committee includes principals, school counselors, and representatives from education-related organizations.

Vaping is Finally on a Downward Trend in Schools

Calendar Icon 12/28/23 Ali Hickerson

The allure of e-cigarette usage for high schoolers is waning, according to newly published survey data by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Electronic cigarettes, also known as vapes, entered the U.S. marketplace around 2007. The use of e-cigarettes surged by 900 percent among middle and high school students between 2011 and 2015, according to a report from the office of former U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy.

Music Therapy and Music-based Interventions for Older Adults

Calendar Icon 12/20/23 Lisa Hutchison, LMHC

Music is an effective tool to bring forth strong emotions from the past. Sometimes clients cannot find the words to express what they feel in a counseling session but can choose, sing, or play a song.

How Mental Health Counselors Can Help Clients Examine Gender Labels

Calendar Icon 12/18/23 Alex Stitt, LMHC

For those who grew up with a binary definition of men and women, it can be quite confusing to encounter people who don’t fit these categories. Not only are sex and gender different, there’s an entire planet of cultural gender constructs to wrap one’s head around. On top of this, language is polysemic and definitions overlap, meaning that trans and nonbinary people may use gender labels differently.

2024 Guide to Counseling Scholarships

Calendar Icon 12/08/23 Matt Zbrog

The cost of undergraduate and graduate programs has grown significantly more expensive over the last decade, and salaries haven’t kept pace. Many aspiring counselors turn to scholarships to reduce their financial burden and focus on getting the training they need.

How Health Insurance Coverage Impacts Access to Children’s Mental Health Care

Calendar Icon 12/05/23 Jill Jaracz

Children ages six to 17 have an increasing need for mental health services, with one in six reporting at least one mental health disorder, according to a 2019 paper from researchers at the University of Michigan. And that was before the Covid-19 pandemic, which hit children’s mental health hard.

LGBTQ+ Sandplay Therapy: Collecting Queer Symbols

Calendar Icon 12/01/23 Alex Stitt, LMHC

Starting out with essential archetypes like houses, bridges, animals, heroes, villains, and family figures, sandplay therapists soon become avid collectors, amassing all kinds of cultural symbols to be as inclusive as possible. However, since it can be difficult to find LGBTQ+ representation when shopping for miniatures, let’s explore some recurring themes in LGBTQ+ mental health, and how sandplay therapists can diversify their collection.

Guide to Counselor Education Loan Forgiveness Programs

Calendar Icon 11/15/23 Vanessa Salvia

Over the years, the rules have changed, so it makes sense to know what you can and can’t expect when it comes to counselor education loan forgiveness programs. The College Cost Reduction and Access Act (CCRAA) made certain counselors eligible for loan forgiveness.